Phoenix Chavez

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Our proposal is to design a semi-complex system in Solidworks with the intention of creating a phoenix of similar anatomy to that of the eagle in the Cesar Chavez flag. The final would look similar to the plan shown below:


The preliminary sketch shows a cylindrical body connected to a head and two wings. The idea would be to have the head designed and fabricated with the 3D printer through Solidworks. This would allow for greater detail on the final model. The wings and body would be made in the machine shop. The wings could be easily made using a band saw and finished on the bridgeport with milling. The body would be made in the lathe. Ideally, the wings would be connected to the body using hinges. Some welding may be used to fix the hinges to the body. Another possibility is to using the bridgeport as a drill press and add holes for screws. The head would then be fixed to the body and the phoenix would be born.


We will be using Solidworks to design and Machine Shop to build. We will need spray paint for the exterior of our phoenix.