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===Team GOAR:===
===Team GOAR:===
It's about to get goar-y.
It's about to get goar-y.
*[[User:egluck1 | Erin Gluck]]
*[[User:egluck1 | Erin Gluck]]

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In this lab students designed a robot arm, controlled by MATLAB, that can draw pictures.


Team Bagel:

Team Blue Steel:

Team Sith Lords:

Team Unspecified Objects:

Team Members:

Coding and Functions

MATLABlab8 coding



Team GOAR:

It's about to get goar-y.

Team Not the Incredibles

Team Robocop:

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Team Cyborg:

Team Members: Casey Drubin Abigail Ruggles Spencer Friske Kathy Sun David Ranshous

Team ExtraDubious:

Team Members: Madison Heppe Matt Hirsh Shaina Lu Bennet Thompson