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(Team Blue Steel:)
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===Team Blue Steel:===
===Team Blue Steel:===
'''The Blue Steel Robot''' [[File:BlueSteelRobot.jpg]]
*[[User: Jkarol1 | Karol, Jess]]
*[[User: Jkarol1 | Karol, Jess]]
*[[User: Cemery1 | Emery, Christine]]
*[[User: Cemery1 | Emery, Christine]]

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In this lab students designed a robot arm, controlled by MATLAB, that can draw pictures.


Team Bagel:

Team Blue Steel:

The Blue Steel Robot BlueSteelRobot.jpg

Team Sith Lords:

Team Unspecified Objects:

Team Members:

Coding and Functions

MATLABlab8 coding



Team GOAR:

It's about to get goar-y.


The Artistic Robot Arm Team GOAR

Our Design: In designing our robot arm our goal was to have an arm with two different joints that could ultimately draw a circle inscribed in a square. We tried to find parts that went well together. Originally, we used a bracket to encase the motor and give the first joint of the arm its range of motion. During construction, the bracket seemed like the sturdier option. However, upon completing the arm, we noticed that it allowed for vertical instability; the first joint was not wholly rigid. Therefore, we decided to remove the bracket and attach the first arm to the motor with a washer.

The washer was then attached to a metal tube that made up the first arm. The other side of the first arm was attached to a metal shelf-bracket that held the second motor. The second motor, in turn, was connected to the plastic robot arm created earlier in the semester. This arm holds the pencil.


Team Not the Incredibles

Team Robocop:

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Team Cyborg:

Team Members: Casey Drubin Abigail Ruggles Spencer Friske Kathy Sun David Ranshous

Team ExtraDubious:

Team Members: Madison Heppe Matt Hirsh Shaina Lu Bennet Thompson