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Preliminary Designs

Team Fα

Team members: Isaac, Christine, Lindsay

  • Triangles
  • Description of design etc.

Team FΩ

Team members: Greg, Andrew The premise of Team FΩ's design was to do away with extraneous portions of the given design. The result was a curved, s-shape piece that cut off the portions past the pre-cut notches under the hypothesis that these areas did not help the piece resist deformation. The curved structure was intended to eliminate the corners created by the notches so that stress could not focus on any particular spot.

Synthesis of Designs

The team decided to base the final design primarily on Team Fα's preliminary design because it performed better with virtually the same volume. The main quality that we tried to incorporate into our new design was the use of triangles in the central region of the piece, between each of the notches. We also cut away the portions past the notches, like in Team FΩ's design.


  • Rearranging triangles
    • Orientation/direction
    • Relative sizes
  • The trapezoid and thing with a three-point arc
  • Selective filleting of edges
    • Not-so-selective filleting of edges if we add more?
  • Lightening holes
  • Anything else?