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Project Description

Our group has decided to design and build a functioning clock from scratch using Solidworks. The clock, operating on a specially ordered clock motor, will use a set of gears to display seconds, minutes, hours, and potentially days of the week. We will design the gears, face, and hands of the clock on Solidworks, and we will print them using the 3D printer. Because our motor has only one shaft, we will need fifteen gears to connect to the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand. The motor completes one revolution per minute; therefore, the second hand will move at the frequency of the motor, the minute hand will run 1/60 of that frequency, and the hour hand must then run 1/12 of the frequency of the minute hand.

Member assignments

Andrew - Concept work, research gear physics and use research to design gears on Solidworks, and coordinate main CADD assembly of clock.

Isaac - Calculate gear placement and geometry.

Theo - Art guy: Design clock face and hands.

Abby - Research/Order/Integrate clock motor.

Christine - Compile final report.

In addition, everyone will help assemble the final clock.


We will need to order a 120 V clock motor with shaft operating at 60 Hz, probably this 1 rpm Synchronous AC Gearmotor. This will likely cost around $20. Additionally, we will need to design each of our 15 gears by hand on Solidworks, as well as the second, minute, and hour hands.

Reference Diagrams


12T Gear.jpg