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Team Members

Best Designs From Alpha and Omega

200px|thumb|left|Team Alpha

Team Omega

Team Brainstorm

  • explore curves-(curved corners,curves around pre-cut notches)
  • the middle is the least imporatant (when figuring out where to cut pieces out for least displacement and least volume)
  • circles are the best shape (not sqaures or triangles- as shown by our previous test runs)
  • make is easier for the robot arm to bend
  • minimum volume - .2in^3 and maximum voluvme- .92in^3-- keeping this in mind we want the least volume and least displacement

Final Design

Our final design is centered on one main theme: Circles, Circles, Circles! This include curves on the edges, big cut out circles in the middle as well as one small circle cut out.

our voulme is: .84 in^3

our displacement is: .2368 mm

our score is: .199

We knew the goal was to have the least volume and least displacement so...