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(Final Design)
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[[File:Final Design]]
[[File:Final Design.jpg]]

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Helen Thum

Raundi Quevedo

Daniel Redelmeier

Gustavo Garibay

First Designs

Helen and Raundi

Helen and Raundi.jpg

Design Score

Mass: 1.06

Displacement: 0.6021

Score: 0.6382

We first tried cutting some parallelograms and noticed that sharp edges created more stress. We added circles (thus the bone looking images) to lower the stresses. We then noticed that an elongated ellipse allowed us to remove more matter without creating a great amount of stress. The shape of the circle and the ellipse were the "best" shapes used, since their smooth or non-existant angles did not allow much stress to build.

Gustavo and Daniel

Gustavo and Daniel.jpg

Design Score

Mass: 0.99

Displacement: 0.1269

Score: 0.1256

Final Design

Model and Score

Final Design.jpg

Mass: 0.97

Displacement: 0.1279

Score: 0.124063 or 0.12 (2SF)

How we got there


                        HELEN AND RAUNDI DESIGN