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This is the Team Tringa Ball Drop page.

Design Process

Before brainstorming a design, we realized that our ball drop device would need to give the tennis ball enough horizontal momentum for it to travel a significant distance from the base of the building. One potential design involved rolling the ball off a ramp made of the garage sale sign, the noodle, and duct tape. We hoped this would give the ball horizontal velocity, but we realized that the ramp would only slow the ball down. Our next design involved using a slingshot to shoot the ball down the ramp. The slingshot would give the ball a larger amount of momentum, and the ramp would give the ball direction. After experimenting with this design, we decided that the ramp was an ineffective use of materials

Final Design

Team Members

Christine Emery

Theo Noomah

Raundi Quevedo

Helen Thum

Seth Liebert

Casey Drubin

Shaina Lu