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===Intro to Solidworks===
===Intro to Solidworks===
[[File:Napoli_Part_Top_View.JPG ]]
[[File:Napoli_Part_Top_View.JPG | 400px]]
This is a design I made using Solidworks.
This is a design I made using Solidworks.

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This is the user page for Ascanio Guarini.

Feel free to contact me. Mail to Ascanio Guarini


Engineering 005 Projects

Intro to Solidworks

Napoli Part Top View.JPG

This is a design I made using Solidworks.

Napoli Part Rotated View.JPG

Ball Drop

Team Suffer Ball Drop Wiki Page

Robot Arm

Team Q Robot Arm Wiki Page

Education & Early Life

I am from New York City, USA and Naples, Italy. I attended the United Nations International School (UNIS) in NYC for 13 years prior to attending Swarthmore College. I was enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Diploma program, which I received this past July.

Some Photos of My Home and High School

NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline E5 Wiki.jpg


UNIS E5 Wiki.jpg


Currently my academic interests include biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, and engineering. I am also an avid science fiction reader. My most apparent non-academic interest is playing and watching soccer (or football). My two favorite soccer teams are S.S.C. Napoli and F.C. Internazionale.

Some Photos of My Favorite Teams

FC Inter

Inter E5 Wiki.jpg

SSC Napoli


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