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== RobotArtist Team ==
== RobotArtist Team ==
[[RobotArtist| Team Cyborg]]
[[RobotArtist| Team Cyborg]]
== Final Project ==
* Project Proposal: [[Rocket Simulation]]
* Project Report: [[Rocket Report]]

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Hi, my name is Casey, class of 2016. I am taking the Engineering 5 lab at Swarthmore.

Contact Info

Email: | email

Website Link

Google: | Google

Team Link

Ball Drop Team Tringa


My Image ErikCheeverHicks.gif

First Solidworks Assignment

I made a die in Solidworks for the first assignment.

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Solidworks Design

Solidworks Robot Arm Team

Team P

Solidworks Mechanism Team

Team C alpha

RobotArtist Team

Team Cyborg

Final Project