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== Robot Arm ==
== Robot Arm ==
[[Team L | Team L wiki page]]
[[Team L | Team L wiki page!]]
== Mechanism ==
== Mechanism ==
[[Mechanisms | Link to Mechanisms page]]
[[Mechanisms | Link to Mechanisms page!]]
== Calvin and Hobbes ==
== Calvin and Hobbes ==

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Hi! My name is Daniel Redelmeier. Nice to meet you.

A Few Cool Links


Here is a link to my Swarthmore e-mail address.


Here is a link to Google because it is quite useful.

Ball Drop

My ball drop MBA team page!

SolidWorks Assignment Picture

SolidWorks Assignment Picture - Daniel Redelmeier.JPG

Robot Arm

Team L wiki page!


Link to Mechanisms page!

Calvin and Hobbes

I like Calvin and Hobbes. Here is a picture of them:

Calvin and Hobbes.gif