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This is the wiki page for Isaac Dulin! Here, I'll be showing you all of the exciting projects that we're doing in E5. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me! For more resources and information about E5, please explore The Dash, Swarthmore's helpful website for links and information.

Swarthmore EngineeringSwarthmore engineering image.gif

Ball Drop

Our first project is to drop a ball off of the roof of Hicks while trying to maximize horizontal distance from the base of the building when it lands. To read more about this project please visit our Ball Drop Page for Team Emel!

First Solid-Works Project

My first solid works design is of a small model turtle.

Turtle Turtle picture.png

Robot Arm

I was part of group F which can be found here.

Solid Works Assemblies

I was part of Team Aα group which can be found here