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(ENGR005 Course Work)
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=ENGR005 Course Work=
=ENGR005 Course Work=
*Ball Drop
*Ball Drop[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_Emel Team Emel]
[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_Emel Team Emel]
*First SolidWorks Creation!
*First SolidWorks Creation![[File:KaraBledsoeDesign.JPG|200px|thumb|right|Yellow is my favorite color!]]
[[File:KaraBledsoeDesign.JPG|200px|thumb|right|Yellow is my favorite color!]]
*Robot Arm
*Robot Arm[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_J Team J]
[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_J Team J]

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I'm a Swat freshman. Don't hate me. My favorite band is Relient k. An additonal band I've come to love: Total Slacker.

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ENGR005 Course Work

  • First SolidWorks Creation!
    Yellow is my favorite color!