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(My Thoughts on E5 and Basically Everything Else XD)
(My Thoughts on E5 and Basically Everything Else XD)
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*Robot Arm
*Robot Arm
[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_J Team J]
[http://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ENGR005_2012/index.php/Team_J Team J]
=My Thoughts on E5 and Basically Everything Else XD=
so this MATLAB2 assignment is pretty freaking amazing. Even though it's not coming easily, I am greatly enjoying learning how to code!! :)
Just added a new link. This one will take you to the website of my favorite band of all time: RELIENT K!!!! I also included a photo of one of their new hoodies that I really would not mind owning. If anyone wants to buy it for me, I'm cool with that bro. XD I also need to do my physics lab for the past week and start on the one that is today......... grrrrrrrr.... My brain is on P90X at this school!
I have an easy day today! Excited for my new team in E5 Lab later on. And I have yoga and soccer practice!! Booya. Also, everyone should follow this account on twittah! [http://twitter.com/MuggleHustle MuggleHustle] Wussup, Thuggles?? xoxo

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KaraProfPic.jpg This is the wiki for Kara Bledsoe. Don't be square! Be 4^2!

About Me

I'm a Swat freshman. Don't hate me. I love pretty much everything with several notable exceptions (ie slavery, murder, etc.). My favorite band is Relient k. I'm from Memphis. I love Mexican food. I play soccer. I know someone from North Dakota. I have furry leopard print boots.

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