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This is the user page for Katie Lin for the Engineering 005 class. I am a first year student at Swarthmore College. Below are all the projects that I am working on this semester. You can contact me at: Email to Katie Lin


Ball Drop

Ball Drop for Team DW


In my first SolidWorks project I designed a block (1.75 x 1.75 x .5") with my name in Chinese engraved on it. See below for a picture of the design.

800px-Solid (1).jpg

Robot Arm

Robot Arm for Team Q

SolidWorks Assembly

Solidworks Assembly for Team C&beta

Making the Robot Arm Draw

In our final project, we attached the robot forearm that we previously designed to a metal pipe, creating a "robot arm." Our end goal was to make the robot arm draw a circle inscribed in square. The team that I was on was Team Cool Robot.

Robot Arm Final Project

Final Project

My team for the Final Project is Team Connect Four.

The link for the project proposal is: Connect Four Final Report