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This page belongs to Raundi Quevedo.

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Access the Swarthmore Dash

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Image location: ENGR 5 Moodle

Team Tringa's ball drop page (link)

Our Tringa Team designed a mechanism that tried to 'throw' a tennis ball as far away as possible from Hick's roof.

Solidworks Lab

Make your own

In this lab we had to create an object whose dimensions were 1.75"x1.75"x0.5"

Picture from a side angle:


Team L Robot Arm (link)

Within Team L, we designed a part for a robotic arm. We tried to have as less stress and displacement on the part as possible by playing around with the shaped and the mass.

The Bible Revisited (link)

Our By team designed a "Jesus Lizard" : a mechanism shaped like a lizard that can walk on water or on surface.