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Resources for AEASP faculty, fellows, and staff

Background on problems and opportunities in the economics profession

Key resources

Key principles





  • Measuring College Learning in Economics (Bayer and Allgood, in Improving Quality in American Higher Education: Learning Outcomes and Assessments for the 21st Century, edited by Arum, Roksa, and Cook. San Francisco: Jossey Bass, 2016)
Learning Outcomes for Economists (Bayer and Allgood, American Economic Review 107(5): 660-64, May 2017)

Some steps towards making classes more effective and inclusive

   Introduce your students to Bloom's Taxonomy.
   Decide what you want your students to take away from your course, and use backward-design to accomplish your goals[1].
   Employ active learning techniques.
   Foster a growth mindset in your students.
   Modify and limit the effects of implicit biases.
   Understand stereotype threat and reduce it with wise feedback and values affirmation.
   Improve classroom climate, including adding wait time after asking a question.
   Offer meaningful content. 
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Details and presentation slides: <coming>