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Bloom's Taxonomy

Become familiar with Bloom's Taxonomy and show it to your students. Instructor and student efforts should focus on moving students up the pyramid to higher-order knowledge.

In 1956, Benjamin Bloom, an educational psychologist, developed a classification of levels of cognitive skills important in learning.[1] In the 1990s, a group of cognitive psychologists, led by Lorin Anderson, updated the taxonomy, changing the original noun-based classification to verbs. The diagram presents the revised framework.

An example of the framework as applied in Economics:

  1. Can you remember/recite the definition of opportunity cost?
  2. Can you understand/restate/explain the definition of opportunity cost?
  3. Can you apply the concept of opportunity cost in a given context?
  4. Can you use the concept of opportunity cost to analyze/compare/contrast situations?
  5. Can you suggest and justify using the concept of opportunity cost to analyze a novel economic situation?
  6. Can you evaluate/critique an analysis based on opportunity cost?
  7. Can you create a new use of the concept? Can you create a related concept?