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Women and economists from minority groups are making significant contributions to the field of economics in an array of areas, from A {General Economics and Teaching} to Z1 {Cultural Economics; Economic Sociology; Economic Anthropology}. Prominent examples include President of the American Economic Association Claudia Goldin, 2012 NEA Westerfield Award winner William A. (Sandy) Darity Jr., Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom, Dean of the Woodrow Wilson School Princeton University Cecilia Rouse, and nominated Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Janet L. Yellen.

The following collage of economists represents the diversity our profession is and can be. Click on a photo to read about that individual. Email us to suggest your favorite economists or to nominate yourself!

Changing the Face of Economics

Goldin.jpg Darity.jpg Ostrom.jpg Rouselobby.jpg Yellen.jpg Staveren2.jpg Margaretsimms.jpg Hoover.jpg Suarez.jpg Freeman.jpg Avin.jpg Newcomer.jpg Alexander.jpg Ferber.jpg Jha.png Austen.jpg Rivlin.jpg Strober.jpg Spriggs.jpg Duflo.jpg Isham.jpg Khamis.jpg Logan.jpg Scott.jpg Lopez.jpg Lozano.png Myers.jpg Cook.jpg Levison.jpg Mikusheva.jpg Carpenter.jpg Jefferson.jpg Danziger.jpg Grosskopf.jpg Bandiera.jpg Abraham.png Finkelstein.jpeg Oaxaca.jpg Trejo.jpeg Chavis.jpg Hayes.jpg Mora.jpg McCulloch.jpg Sen.jpg Strassman.jpeg Athey.jpg

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