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Individual faculty members or departments collectively can:

  1. View presentations from the National Summit on Diversity in the Economics Profession, hosted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.
  2. Investigate and incorporate strategies found on Div.E.Q.
  3. Ask others to visit Div.E.Q. at
  4. Follow @Div_E_Q on Twitter.
  5. Form a reading group or host a talk to explore appropriate policies and practices.

Attend a presentation of Div.E.Q. and the issues it addresses.

Tentative line up:
Amanda Bayer (Swarthmore College): Diversifying Economic Quality: A Wiki for Instructors and Departments
Jon Isham (Middlebury College): Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Education
Trevon Logan (The Ohio State University): Teaching and Expectations with Diverse Groups of Students
Samuel M Myers, Jr. (University of Minnesota): Teaching Policy Issues to Increase Diversity
Melanie Khamis (Wesleyan University): Using Research to Enhance Undergraduate Economics
Mary Lopez (Occidental College): Using Service Learning to Enhance Undergraduate Economics
  • Div.E.Q. Live at the Ninth Annual Economics Teaching Conference, Austin, TX, October 25, 2013: "Diversifying Economic Quality: A Wiki for Innovative and Inclusive Teaching Techniques"
Diversifying Economic Quality (Div.E.Q.) is a new online resource where economists can find and share information on effective teaching practices in economics, focusing particularly on practices that encourage women, students of color, and members of other underrepresented groups to continue study in our discipline. The American Economic Association's Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession supports this project as part of its commitment to advancing diversity in the profession. This session introduces attendees to the structure and content of Div.E.Q., demonstrates some of the teaching strategies it offers, and gives you the chance to contribute to this dynamic resource.