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4. Promote [[inclusive communication]]
4.  Incorporate [[heterodox theories of economics]] into curricula
5.  Incorporate [[heterodox theories of economics]] into curricula

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Team members: Please add your research results below in the following way.

1. Give a one sentence summary of the strategy proposed/analyzed.

2. Provide a link to another wiki page that

a. describes the approach

b. summarizes the research supporting this approach (briefly state research method and findings, and maybe use some quotes from the source)

c. provides full citation of the source(s)

d. links to the source(s)

e. records your name, your comments/questions if any, and your overall rating of the source

Top ten practices for instructors

1. Provide opportunities for involvement with research early on

2. Reflect on and learn more about personal prejudices and values

3. Emphasize that biology is not destiny

4. Incorporate heterodox theories of economics into curricula