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* Share these [[study tips]].
* Share these [[study tips]].
* Be aware of a third theory of [[discrimination]].
* Be aware of a third theory of [[discrimination]].
* Incorporate [[heterodox theories of economics|heterodox theories]] into your courses.
* Incorporate [[heterodox theories of economics|alternative economic approaches]] into your courses.
* Teach economics with [[nuance]] and [[humility]].
* Teach economics with [[nuance]] and [[humility]].

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Diversifying Economic Quality: A Wiki for Instructors and Departments

Diversify at the 2016 ASSAs!

Div.E.Q. is an online resource promoting inclusive, innovative, and evidence-based teaching practices in economics.


READ these pages.

TELL others.

SHARE your research and your strategies.

PRODUCE new evidence.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education features Div.E.Q. as a diversity initiative having success!

Proven practices for instructors

Encourage students to apply to the AEA's Summer Training Program and to RA and Internship positions at the FRB.

Aeavideo.pngShare the AEA's new video on careers in economics.
Growth.jpgFoster a growth mindset in your students.
Wait Time Image1.jpgAdd wait time to classroom activities.
Aea research.pngShare the AEA's Research Highlights.
Projector.JPGDesign effective PowerPoint presentations.
Study tips wsj.jpgOffer these study tips.
Blooms new.pngHelp your students move up Bloom's pyramid.

Proven policies for departments

Who is missing?

Does it matter?



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