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diversifying economic quality: a wiki for instructors and departments


The purpose of this wiki is to promote best teaching practices in economics, particularly practices that encourage women, students of color, and members of other underrepresented groups to continue their study of economics. Here, economics faculty can both disseminate and discover prescriptions for improving our teaching and the inclusiveness of our discipline.

The teaching strategies offered here are presented alongside evidence of their effectiveness and practical suggestions for implementation. Please spend time browsing the site; many of the strategies are effective and straightforward to incorporate. Our choices as instructors and gatekeepers affect student participation and achievement.


The wiki also provides data describing patterns of participation in our profession and opportunities for thoughtful reflection on why inclusion and diversity are important to the future of economic theory and policymaking.

How You Can Help

  • Read these pages.
  • Share your research.
  • Post information and statistics to new or existing pages of the wiki.
  • Contribute questions or comments to the discussion of pages.
  • Provide general feedback.

Content Areas

Proven strategies for the classroom

  • Consider the impact of wait time during classroom activities.

Proven policies for departments

Proven practices for instructors

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Additional Content

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