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== Additional suggestions for course content ==
== Additional suggestions for course content ==
*[[Courses on Poverty and Inequality]]
*Offer content or whole [[Courses on Poverty and Inequality]].
*[[Heterodox theories of economics]]
*Include [[Heterodox theories of economics]].
*A classic article with some good suggestions [http://pubs.aeaweb.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1257/jep.10.2.141]
*Consider this classic article with some good suggestions [http://pubs.aeaweb.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1257/jep.10.2.141].
*[http://www.feministeconomics.org/fern/ Feminist Economics Research Notes]
*[http://www.feministeconomics.org/fern/ Feminist Economics Research Notes]
*Teaching with [[nuance]]
*Share the AEA's new video on [[careers in economics]].
*Share the AEA's [[Research Highlights]].
*Offer [[meaningful content]] in all courses.
*Teach with [[nuance]].

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Offer meaningful content in all courses.

Provide opportunities for students to use economics to examine issues important to them. e.g.,

  • The intro course, especially, should link to students’ existing knowledge and experiences.
  • Refer to real, consequential economic issues when introducing economic concepts and tools. Avoid using beer-vs.-pizza-type examples.
  • Regularly connect intermediate theory course material to real problems.
  • Ask students to connect a new concept, such as opportunity cost or marginal benefit, to a setting meaningful to them.
  • Use some class time to present brief summaries of a wide range of empirical studies in economics.

Implement carefully.

  • Create space for a range of interests, but don’t assume certain topics are women’s issues.

Additional suggestions for course content