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/* CSS placed here will affect users of the Monobook skin */
/* CSS placed here will affect users of the Monobook skin */
| type  = notice
| image = [[File:Ambox notice.png]]
| text  = Cavendish-MW (previously Cavendish mod) is now being maintained at [https://sourceforge.net/p/cavendishmw/home/ SourceForge].
[[Image:Cavendish_mod.png|thumb|alt=Cavendish-MW screenshot|Cavendish-MW screenshot]]
Cavendish-MW (previously Cavendish mod) is a MediaWiki skin that provides the [http://www.mozilla.org/ mozilla.org] look and feel. It's an enhanced version of the [http://wiki.mozilla.org/WikiUpgrade Cavendish MediaWiki skin]. Cavendish-MW is compatible with the latest versions of MediaWiki.
The original Cavendish MediaWiki skin has some flaws and is not compatible with the latest versions of MediaWiki. Cavendish-MW fixes these issues and has other improvements like a full width template and updated style sheets. The JavaScripts have been fixed as well which makes neat stuff like Collapsible Tables/NavFrames/MediaWikiSuggest/etc. work.
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|navbar  = plain
|name    =
|title  = Cavendish mod changelog
|above  =
|image  = [[Image:Help About.svg|60px]]
|imagestyle = vertical-align:top;
|liststyle = text-align: left;
|group1  =
|list1  = <poem>
'''Version 0.9 [March 25, 2011]'''
* Now uses the "Ubuntu" font family as the default font. It uses Google Font Directory to fetch the Ubuntu font.
* Droid Sans Mono font now provided by Google Font Directory.
* Rounded corners for the search form and tables.
* The header logo now respects the value of <code>$wgLogo</code> in LocalSettings.php.
* The text right of the header logo (previously part of the logo) is now done with HTML and CSS. The text displayed is the value of <code>$wgSitename</code> in LocalSettings.php. If you want just the logo displayed, you can hide the sitename with the variable <code>$show_sitename</code> by setting its value to <code>0</code> in cavendish.php.
'''Version 0.8 [August 27, 2010]'''
* Droid font family moved to a separate folder. This folder also includes a README and NOTICE.
* Re-enabled SkinTemplateToolboxEnd in cavendish.php. This line triggers that certain extensions can add extra links to the toolbox. Thanks to Toni Hermoso Pulido for pointing that out.
* Updated content header styles. Much better sizes now.
'''Version 0.7 [August 1, 2010]'''
* New fonts for the content. Verdana is replaced by Droid Sans, monospace by Droid Sans Mono and Droid Sans Serif for the headers. Web fonts have been enabled for these three fonts with the use of CSS.
* Added shadows to the headers with the use of CSS.
* A source file for the header image in .xcf format was added to the package so GIMP users can also create their own header image. The user should however manually add the drop shadow to the text.
'''Version 0.6 [February 23, 2010]'''
* Fixed: Failed the W3C "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" markup check because of incorrect XHTML in cavendish.php.
'''Version 0.5 [January 20, 2010]'''
* Fixed: Sidebar, search form, and other elements not needed for the "Printable version" of pages are not being hidden. "Printable version" of pages now look nice and clean.
'''Version 0.4 [January 20, 2010]'''
* Optimized the skin for MediaWiki 1.15.1. The skin file cavendish.php has been completely rewritten for this purpose.
* Fixed: "The sidebar shows three capitalized "block" titles that shouldn't be there." The sidebar can now be rearranged by editing MediaWiki:Sidebar. This is what the block titles (TOOLBOX, LANGUAGES, SEARCH, etc) are for. The SEARCH block title has been disabled though, because there's already one in the header. If you want it anyway, look for 'SEARCH' in cavendish.php.
* Fixed: The feed links now show up the way they should.
* Fixed: Restored the missing Toolbox links in the sidebar. These include "What links here", "Related changes", "User contributions", "Logs", "Block user", "Printable version", "Permanent links", and maybe some others.
* Other minor changes.
Known issues:
*  The sidebar shouldn't appear on "Printable version" of pages.
'''Version 0.3 [August 21, 2008]'''
* Optimized the skin for MediaWiki 1.13.0.
* Made the search box compatible with MediaWikiSuggest ($wgEnableMWSuggest).
Known issues:
* The sidebar shows three capitalized "block" titles that shouldn't be there (TOOLBOX, LANGUAGES, SEARCH).
'''Version 0.2 [August 20, 2008]'''
* Included the Monobook stylesheet as the basis stylesheet. The Cavendish stylesheets are much easier to maintain now. This also fixed some style issues.
* Added workarounds for font styles in tables (smaller fontsize), navboxes (larger fontsize) and the list of references (smaller fontsize). These workarounds can be found in main.css until I find a better way to fix this.
* Added a seperate section for feedlinks in the navigation.
* Plus some minor changes.
'''Initial release:'''
* Template is now full width.
* Fixed the header tabs.
* Content style more similar to monobook.
* Fixed the javascript functions for more functionality (things like collapsible tables work fine now, if you include the required css styles for that).
* I removed the mozilla.org link from the top and placed a different link in the footer (still pointing to ipbwiki of course).
* And some other changes...
* [https://sourceforge.net/projects/cavendishmw/files/ From SourceForge]
* [http://saibot.no-ip.info/download/cavendish-mod/ Old Versions]
* Or get the trunk version from my Bazaar repository,<br/><code><nowiki>bzr checkout http://saibot.no-ip.info/bzr/cavendish-mod/trunk/ cavendish</nowiki></code>
==External links==
* [http://wiki.mozilla.org/WikiUpgrade mozilla.org "Cavendish" skin] - original Cavendish skin.
* [http://www.ipbwiki.com/forums/index.php?automodule=downloads&showfile=60 Ipb Wiki Forums] - another download location for the original Cavendish skin.
* [http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Gallery_of_user_styles#Cavendish_mod Gallery of user styles] - Cavendish-MW at mediawiki.org

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/* CSS placed here will affect users of the Monobook skin */