Panel on January 2, 2014

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Diversifying Economic Quality: Innovative Teaching Techniques and Diverse Undergraduate Populations

CSMGEP Panel at the 2014 ASSA Meetings, Philadelphia, January 2, 2014, 3:00 pm, Marriott Meeting Room 307

See what you missed:

  • Amanda Bayer's slides
  • Jon Isham's slides
  • Melanie Khamis's notes
  • Trevon Logan's slides
  • Mary Lopez's slides

Panel organizer:

  • Fernando Lozano (Pomona College)


  • Amanda Bayer (Swarthmore College): "Diversifying Economic Quality: Why a Wiki for Instructors and Departments"
Professor Bayer will introduce the online resource sponsored by CSMGEP "Diversifying Economic Quality: A Wiki for Instructors and Departments" (Div.E.Q. at Div.E.Q. aims to advance diversity in the economics profession by improving the way faculty and departments present economics to undergraduates. Her presentation will provide evidence on the need for this resource.
  • Trevon Logan (The Ohio State University): "Teaching and Expectations with Diverse Groups of Students"
Professor Logan will speak on the importance of developing clear and consistent expectations for students in economics courses. In particular, he will discuss how to structure courses so that students can show their knowledge in a number of ways that speak to their learning strengths. His presentation will include how to devise syllabi, how to communicate expectations, and how to expand the traditional economics pedagogy to help students overcome their fears and anxieties about economics.
  • Melanie Khamis (Wesleyan University): "Using Research to Enhance Undergraduate Economics"
Professor Khamis will talk about the different research and funding opportunities she has employed to work with students from diverse groups. In addition to research internships and thesis supervision, she will discuss her experience with the summer program at the Quantitative Analysis Center at Wesleyan, which offers students first steps toward using statistical software and doing research with professors. She will also talk about the experience of a student of hers who participated in the AEA summer training program.
  • Jon Isham (Middlebury College): "Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Education"
  • Mary Lopez (Occidental College): "Using Service Learning to Enhance Undergraduate Economics"
Professor Lopez's presentation will focus on the benefits of incorporating service learning into Economics courses and how service-learning projects of various levels can enhance students’ understanding of economic concepts and theories. She will also provide examples of several different types of service learning models and discuss some basic steps for developing a service-learning course.