Readings on Feminist Economics

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A search of the database created by the Open Syllabus Project shows assigned readings on Feminist Economics.

  • If Women Counted : A New Feminist Economics, Waring, Marilyn, 1952
  • Liberating Economics : Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization, Barker, Drucilla K., 1949
  • Feminist Economics : Interrogating the Masculinity of Rational Economic Man, Hewitson, Gillian J., 1961
  • Rethinking Economics Through a Feminist Lens, Strober, Myra H., The American Economic Review
  • Confronting the Science/Value Split: Notes on Feminist Economics, Institutionalism, Pragmatism and Process Thought, Nelson, Julie A., Cambridge Journal of Economics
  • What Is Feminist Economics All About, Nelson, Julie, Challenge
  • Feminist Thought and Economics; Or, What Do the Visigoths Know, Strassmann, Diana L., The American Economic Review
  • The Feminist Challenge to Neoclassical Economics, Woolley, Frances R., Cambridge Journal of Economics
  • Sex and Skill: Notes Towards a Feminist Economics, Phillips, Anne, Taylor, Barbara, Feminist Review
  • Feminist Economics: From Theory to Research, Macdonald, Martha, The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue Canadienne d'Economique
  • The Study of Economics: A Feminist Critique, Ferber, Marianne A., The American Economic Review
  • Sexual Economyths : Conceiving a Feminist Economics, Beasley, Chris
  • Market, State, and Feminism : The Economics of Feminist Policy, Dawson, Graham, 1946 September 18
  • Women and Economics : A New Zealand Feminist Perspective, Hyman, Prue

Also do searches for Nancy Folbre and Julie Nelson to find relevant readings that are frequently assigned.

(Thanks to Barbara Hopkins, Ph.D., Wright State University, for the idea to perform this search.)