Readings on Feminist Economics

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A search of the database created by the Open Syllabus Project shows assigned readings on Feminist Economics.

If Women Counted : A New Feminist Economics Waring, Marilyn, 1952

Liberating Economics : Feminist Perspectives on Families, Work, and Globalization Barker, Drucilla K., 1949

Feminist Economics : Interrogating the Masculinity of Rational Economic Man Hewitson, Gillian J., 1961

Rethinking Economics Through a Feminist Lens Strober, Myra H. The American Economic Review

Confronting the Science/Value Split: Notes on Feminist Economics, Institutionalism, Pragmatism and Process Thought Nelson, Julie A. Cambridge Journal of Economics

What Is Feminist Economics All About Nelson, Julie Challenge

Feminist Thought and Economics; Or, What Do the Visigoths Know Strassmann, Diana L. The American Economic Review

The Feminist Challenge to Neoclassical Economics Woolley, Frances R. Cambridge Journal of Economics

Sex and Skill: Notes Towards a Feminist Economics Phillips, Anne, Taylor, Barbara Feminist Review

Feminist Economics: From Theory to Research Macdonald, Martha The Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue Canadienne d'Economique

The Study of Economics: A Feminist Critique Ferber, Marianne A. The American Economic Review

Sexual Economyths : Conceiving a Feminist Economics Beasley, Chris

Market, State, and Feminism : The Economics of Feminist Policy Dawson, Graham, 1946 September 18

Women and Economics : A New Zealand Feminist Perspective Hyman, Prue