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From the American Economic Association:

Aea research.png
New Research Highlights Series Covering AEA Journal Content. The AEA is pleased to introduce a new Research Highlights feature on the website covering selected research from the Association's seven journals. The new series takes advantage of the web format with links to related content and interactive graphics, and is designed to bring economics research to a wider audience. It should serve as a useful resource for academics, teachers, policymakers, and journalists who may not always have time to stay abreast of the latest research.
Recent highlights have focused on topics ranging from a policy analysis of English-only education to a game-theoretical model of grade inflation. Articles are designed to convey the real-world relevance of recent economic findings while also providing some flavor for the underlying research strategies and methodologies. Future installments will continue to highlight work from across the discipline.
The highlights are published weekly on the AEA's website and are available on the AEA's twitter feed @aeajournals. An online archive of all highlights is available at