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Name: Neena Cherayil

Biophysics and biophysical chemistry professors at the University of Pennsylvania found that lengthening introductory coursework to allow for slower pacing of material more suited for diversity in learning style have lead to “problems in self-confidence for students enrolled in these courses since they carry the stigma of being remedial and also add significant delay to a costly college education. While extra time is needed for the core courses, usually an entire extra semester is not required”

Comments: Main SBP Penn article outlines strategies for increasing women and minority interest/participation in biophysical sciences at the pre-college level [summer programs, "early alert" system] but also offers suggestions for increasing retention at the undergraduate and graduate levels. More information from this article could thus be used elsewhere. Might be an outdated study, and follow-up research from Penn could not be found. However, similar studies have seen same success at other institutions.

Find where Penn article is located, try to find applications to economics specifically.