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You can install miscellaneous tools from this repo, like morphTests2yaml and lexccounter, as follows:

cd ~/ling073
git clone git@github.swarthmore.edu:Ling073-sp21/tools.git
cd tools
make install

After you've already cloned the repo, you can update to the most recent version like this:

cd tools
git pull
make install


You can scrape {{morphTest}}s from any page on this wiki like this:

morphTests2yaml "Language/Grammar" -l xyz

Put the file in a tests/ directory in your transducer repo and commit the file.


This script counts the number of unique entries in a lexc file.

$ lexccounter apertium-xyz.xyz.lexc 
Unique entries: 127


You need two files:

  • one test translation, and
  • one reference translation

The reference translation is the parallel text in your corpus, e.g. abc.tests.txt. To get a test translation, run the source text (xyz.tests.txt) through apertium and direct the output into a new file, e.g.

 cat xyz.tests.txt | apertium -d . xyz-abc > xyz-abc.tests.txt


You can scrape the transferTests from your contrastive grammar page into a small parallel corpus. E.g.,

 scrapeTransferTests -p abc-xyz "Language1_and_Language2/Contrastive_Grammar"

will result in an abc.tests.txt and xyz.tests.txt file that contain the respective sides of any transferTests on your contrastive grammar page specified as being for abc to xyz translation.

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