Okinawan and Miyako/Lexical selection

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ryu → mvi

Hand and arm are the same word in Okinawan (てぃい), but different words in Miyako. If てぃい is followed by an instrumental, we are assuming it is hand.

  • write with hand
    (ryu) てぃいし かくん → (mvi) てぃーひー かき
    (ryu) てぃい<n><ins> かくん<v><npst> → (mvi) てぃー<n><ins> かき<v><npst>
  • the arm was punched
    (ryu) てぃい すぐらるたん → (mvi) うでぃーう どぅみらいたい
    (ryu) てぃい<n> すぐいん<v><pass><pst> → (mvi) うでぃー<n><acc> どぅみ<v><pass><pst>

mvi → ryu

はい can mean field, needle, or south, and is also a causative auxiliary verb. If it is followed by string, it is probably needle.

  • needle and string
    (mvi) はいとぅ いとぅ → (ryu) はあいとぅ いいちゅう
    (mvi) はい<n><com> いとぅ<n> → (ryu) はあい<n><asc> いいちゅう<n>
  • the goat eats in the field
    (mvi) ひんじゃあ はいん ふぁう → (ryu) ぴいじゃあや はたきんか かむん
    (mvi) ひんじゃ<n><top1> はい<n><dat> ふぁう<v><npst> → (ryu) ぴいじゃあ<n><top> はたき<n><loc1> かむん<v><npst>