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I would like to work with Paulina Trifonova [[1]]

Language Preferences:

1) Kajkavian

2) Chakavian

3) Torlakian


General information: The language is spoken mainly in Northen Croatia. It can be considered a dialect or it's own language depending on which linguist is asked, as some consider it to be dialect of Serbo-croatian. It is spoken by approxiamtely 30% of Croatians. ISO 639-3 code: KJV

Morphological typology: Based on the fact that it is based on Croatian, and Croatian is a fusional language, I believe that it is a fusional language.

Text availability: I was easily able to find a large amount of texts, including a dictionary. Because of this, I think it will be feasible based on this amount of resources.

Links: [[2]], [[3]]


Basic information: The language is spoken mainly in southwestern Croatia, and is spoken by somewhere between 80,000 and 95,000 people. It has also been influenced by several romance languages. ISO 639-3 code is ckm.

Morphological typology: Chakavian is also based on Croatian, and is somewhat mutually intelligible with Kajkavian. Thus, I believe that it is a fusional language. It utilizes suffixes and a rising accent system.

Text availability: It seems that some resources based on the bible as well as a few grammar textbooks. Between these, it seem to be possible to work with it.

Links: [[4]], [[5]]


Basic information: The majority of speakers live in Serbia, but there are some regions within Kosovo, Bulgaria and Macedonia where it is also spoken. There are approximate 1.5 million speakers according to wikipedia. It is based on serbian and thus has very strong slavic roots. No ISO 639-3 code

Morphological typology: Serbian, which Torlakian is based on, is a fusional language. Based on this, I believe that Torlakian is fusional, and it contains several declensions, as well as suffixes.

Text availability: It was extremely difficult to find any resources in Torlakian. Thus, I think it would be a very difficult language to work with.

Links: [[6]],,,