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====Computational resources====
====Computational resources====
:- [https://www.translitteration.com/transliteration/en/adyghe/ala-lc/ Keyboard layout]
:- [https://www.translitteration.com/transliteration/en/adyghe/ala-lc/ Adyghe transliteration tool]
:- [​​https://www.translitteration.com/transliteration/en/adyghe/ala-lc/ Adyghe transliteration tool]

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- Information on Circassians
- Russian website with lots of information on Circassians, doesn’t necessarily see a difference between Kabardian and Adyghe.
- Information on Adyghe grammar
- Information on Adyghe grammar from the above website.
- Website of the Adygea Republic
- Website of the government of the Adyghe-speaking area.
- Adyghe sounds
- Adyghe alphabet

Computational resources

- Adyghe transliteration tool


- Circassian language dictionary
- A very old Circassian language dictionary scanned as a pdf.
- Wiktionary pages for Adyghe
- Not really a dictionary, but a list of Wiktionary pages that include Adyghe words.
- Glosbe for Adyghe
- Circassian word list/dictionary online
- Phrase list from Omniglot
- How to count in Adyghe
- List of numbers in the Adyghe language.
- Online course in Adyghe, including word lists:
- Adyghe course 1

Grammatical descriptions

The books may be very difficult to get our hands on.

- Rogava, G. V., and Z. I. Kerasheva. 1966. Grammatika adygeiskogo yazyka. Krasnodar, Russia: Krasnodarskoe Knizhnoe Izdatel’stvo.
- Testelets, Yakov, ed. 2009. Aspekty polisintetizma: Ocherki po grammatike adygeisko yazyka. Moscow: Rossiyskiy Gosudarstvennyi Gumanitarnyi Universitet.
- Kumakhov, M. 1989. Sravnitel’no-istoricheskaya grammatika adygskikh (cherkesskikh) yazykov. Moscow: Nauka.
- Studies in Adyghe grammar from Tripod
- Aspects of polysynthetism in Adyghe

Scientific works

- List of books on Adyghe
- A list of a few books on Adyghe and the Adyghe people.
- International Center for Circassian Studies
- Academic field dedicated to the study of Adyghe, Kabardian, etc. May not see difference between Adyghe and Kabardian.
- Verb classes in Adyghe
- Article about verb classes.
- Event structure in Adyghe
- The syntax and semantics of event structure and Adyghe causatives.
- Ordering of derivation in Adyghe
- Semantic properties of participants and ordering of derivations in Adyghe/
- Adyghe Pluperfects
- The system of pluperfect forms in Shapsug dialect of Adyghe.
- Order of suffixes in Adyghe
- Deriving affix ordering in polysynthesis.
- Structural
- Describes the syllable structure of Adyghe.
- Public article on relative clauses in Adyghe


- Old Testament
- Transcribed version of Old Testament in Adyghe.
- New testament
- PDF scan of a New Testament book written and printed in Adyghe.
- Adyghe Psalms
- Recordings of psalms sung in Adyghe.
- Adyghe Wikipedia
- Wikipedia in Adyghe, lots of articles.
- North Caucasus Radio
- Radio for the Adyghe-speaking area, may happen mostly in Russian.
- Adyghe Maq Newspaper
- Newspaper for the Adyghe-speaking area, all in Adyghe.