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Resources for machine translation between Adyghe and English

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Corpus for English and Adyghe

Ady → Eng Evaluation

The original sentences

  1. Ублапӏэм Тхьэм уашъомрэ чӏыгумрэ къыгъэшӏыгъэх.
  2. Тхьэм ыӏуагъ: «Нэфынэр къэрэхъу».
  3. Нэфынэр къэрэхъу.
  4. Аущтэуи хъугъэ.
  5. Тхьэр ошъо гъэӏагъэм «уашъокӏэ» еджагъ.
  6. Ар зэрэдэгъур Тхьэм ылъэгъугъ.
  7. Пчыхьэ къэхъугъ, пчэдыжь къэхъугъ – ящэнэрэ маф.
  8. Сэ ащ ежь епэсыгъэу ӏэпыӏэгъу къыфэзгъэхъун.
  9. «Сыда ар аущтэу зыкӏэпшӏагъэр?»
  10. «Блэм сигъэпцӏагъэти, сшхыгъэ»

The intended English translation

  1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
  2. God said "let there be light."
  3. There was light.
  4. It was so.
  5. God called the expanse "sky."
  6. God saw that it was good.
  7. There was evening and there was morning, the third day.
  8. I will make him a helper equal to himself.
  9. "What have you done?"
  10. "The serpent deceived me, and I ate."

The output of Ady-Eng-biltrans (lexical transfer) and full translation modes

  1. #Beginning #God #sky @рэ #earth @рэ *къыгъэшӏыгъэх.
    • ^Ублапӏэ<n><def><erg><sg>/Beginning<n><def><erg><sg>$ ^Тхьэ<n><def><erg><sg>/God<n><def><erg><sg>$ ^уашъо<n><def><erg>/sky<n><def><erg>$ ^рэ<cnjcoo><sg>/@рэ<cnjcoo><sg>$ ^чӏыгу<n><def><erg>/earth<n><def><erg>$ ^рэ<cnjcoo><sg>/@рэ<cnjcoo><sg>$ ^*къыгъэшӏыгъэх/*къыгъэшӏыгъэх$.
  2. #God #say: «#Light #come about».
    • ^Тхьэ<n><def><erg><sg>/God<n><def><erg><sg>$ ^ӏо<v><pret><erg><stat><p3><sg>/say<vblex><pret><erg><stat><p3><sg>$: «^Нэфынэ<n><def><abs><sg>/Light<n><def><abs><sg>$ ^къэрэхъу<v><abs><stat><p3><sg>/come about<vblex><abs><stat><p3><sg>$».
  3. #Light #come about
    • ^Нэфынэ<n><def><abs><sg>/Light<n><def><abs><sg>$ ^къэрэхъу<v><abs><stat><p3><sg>/come about<vblex><abs><stat><p3><sg>$
  4. *Аущтэуи *хъугъэ
    • ^*Аущтэуи/*Аущтэуи$ ^*хъугъэ/*хъугъэ$
    • May 19 - the #Such @и #be.
  5. #heavenly #God #expanse «#sky @кӏэ» *еджагъ.
    • ^Тхьэ<n><def><abs><sg>/God<n><def><abs><sg>$ ^ошъо<adj>/heavenly<adj>$ ^гъэӏагъэ<n><def><erg><sg>/expanse<n><def><erg><sg>$ «^уашъо<n><indef><erg>/sky<n><indef><erg>$ ^кӏэ<post><sg>/@кӏэ<post><sg>$» ^*еджагъ/*еджагъ$.
  6. #That there #good #God #see.
    • ^А<dem><abs><sg>/That there<dem><abs><sg>$ ^зэрэдэгъу<adj><def><abs><sg>/good<adj><def><abs><sg>$ ^Тхьэ<n><def><erg><sg>/God<n><def><erg><sg>$ ^лъэгъу<v><pret><erg><stat><p3><sg>/see<vblex><pret><erg><stat><p3><sg>$.
  7. #Evening #happen, #morning #happen – second #day.
    • ^Пчыхьэ<n><indef><erg><sg>/Evening<n><indef><erg><sg>$ ^къэхъу<v><pret><abs><stat><p3><sg>/happen<vblex><pret><abs><stat><p3><sg>$, ^пчэдыжь<n><indef><erg><sg>/morning<n><indef><erg><sg>$ ^къэхъу<v><pret><abs><stat><p3><sg>/happen<vblex><pret><abs><stat><p3><sg>$ – ^ящэнэрэ<adj>/second<adj>$ ^маф<n><indef><erg><sg>/day<n><indef><erg><sg>$.
  8. #I #that there similar #esteem #help *къыфэзгъэхъун.
    • ^Сэ<prn><abs>/I<prn><abs>$ ^а<dem><erg><sg>/that there<dem><erg><sg>$ ^ежь<adj>/similar<adj>$ ^епэсыгъ<n><def><advl><sg>/esteem<n><def><advl><sg>$ ^ӏэпыӏэгъу<n><indef><erg><sg>/help<n><indef><erg><sg>$ ^*къыфэзгъэхъун/*къыфэзгъэхъун$.
  9. «*Сыда #that there #such *зыкӏэпшӏагъэр?»
    • «^*Сыда/*Сыда$ ^а<dem><abs><sg>/that there<dem><abs><sg>$ ^аущт<n><def><advl><sg>/such<n><def><advl><sg>$ ^*зыкӏэпшӏагъэр/*зыкӏэпшӏагъэр$?»
  10. «#Snake *сигъэпцӏагъэти, *сшхыгъэ»
    • «^Блэ<n><def><erg><sg>/Snake<n><def><erg><sg>$ ^*сигъэпцӏагъэти/*сигъэпцӏагъэти$, ^*сшхыгъэ/*сшхыгъэ$»


Added 8 new verbal morphemes, 1 new nominal postposition, and 2 twol rules.