Adyghe and English/Lexical selection

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Ady → Eng

  1. чӏыгу → earth
    • Ублапӏэм Тхьэм уашъомрэ чӏыгумрэ къыгъэшӏыгъэх.
    • In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth.
  2. чӏыгу → territory
    • Чӏыгум тыжьын ахъщэ шъиплӏ ыуас
    • land worth four hundred silver weight, what is that between me and you!
  3. Шӏы → do
    • арэущтэу пшӀы хъущтэп
    • "Don't do it like that!"
  4. Шӏы → draw
    • сурэт сшӀыгъ
    • I drew a picture

Our Rule

   <match lemma="хъущтэп"/>
   <match lemma="шӏы" tags="n.*">
     <select lemma="make" tags="n.*"/>
   <match lemma="сурэт"/>
   <match lemma="шӏы" tags="n.*">
     <select lemma="draw" tags="n.*"/>