Adyghe and English/Structural Transfer

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There was an error in the scraping and the text files seem to have come up empty.

Structural Transfer

Unfortunately, I was unable to get the case-to-preposition functioning properly, although I may try again. For now, I managed to get a rudimentary rule to convert definite case endings to the definite article. Output of structural transfer:

olive[ling073-ady-eng]$ echo "кӏалэм." | apertium -d . ady-eng-transfer
Applying rule 1 (line 56): ^кӏалэ<n><def><sg><erg>/boy<n><def><sg><erg>$
Applying output rule 0 (line 56): default<NP><ND> -> ^кӏалэ<n><def><sg><erg>/boy<n><def><sg><erg>$
No rule specified: ^the<det><def><sg>$
No rule specified: ^boy<n><sg>$
^the<det><def><sg>$ ^boy<n><sg>$.


See above.