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Bible [http://listen.bible.is/BKLLAI/Matt/1]
Bible [http://listen.bible.is/BKLLAI/Matt/1]

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From Ethnologue [1]: Code: bkl, Pop: 1200, Status: population declining, Script: Latin, Location: Indonesia. Based on a skim of the grammar sketch [2] it looks largely agglutinating with some fusional tendencies (jila ~ jalbili, nasona ~ nasbawena verb conjugation).

Wikipedia [3]

Language Archives (collection of resources) [4]

Daniel knows the people who did the Bible translation.


None found (likely none to find).


Swadesh list: [5]

Lexicon: [6] (requested from ILL)


A Grammatical Sketch of Berik [7]

A Preliminary Berik Phonology [8]

Preliminary analysis of Berik clause and clause root types [9] (requested from ILL)


Bible [10]