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Resources for machine translation between Berik and English.

bkl -> eng evaluation

Statistics about input files

Number of words in reference: 55

Number of words in test: 40

Number of unknown words (marked with a star) in test: 15

Percentage of unknown words: 37.50 %

Edit distance: 54

Word error rate (WER): 98.18 %

Number of position-independent correct words: 1

Position-independent word error rate (PER): 98.18 %

Results when unknown-word marks (stars) are not removed

Edit distance: 55

Word Error Rate (WER): 100.00 %

Number of position-independent correct words: 0

Position-independent word error rate (PER): 100.00 %

Statistics about the translation of unknown words

Number of unknown words which were free rides: 1

Percentage of unknown words that were free rides: 6.67 %