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(Developed Resources)
(Developed Resources)
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* [https://github.swarthmore.edu/Ling073-sp21/ling073-bhw-corpus Corpus repository]
* [https://github.swarthmore.edu/Ling073-sp21/ling073-bhw-corpus Corpus repository]
* [https://github.swarthmore.edu/Ling073-sp21/ling073-bhw-keyboard Biak Keyboard]
* [https://github.swarthmore.edu/Ling073-sp21/ling073-bhw-keyboard Biak Keyboard]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak/Grammar Grammar Documentation]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak/Transducer Biak Transducer]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak/Disambiguation Biak Disambiguation]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak_and_English Biak and English]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak_and_English/Lexical_selection Lexical Selection]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak_and_English/Contrastive_grammar Contrastive Grammar]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak_and_English/Structural_transfer Structural Transfer]
* [https://wikis.swarthmore.edu/ling073/Biak/Final_project Final Project]
==External Resources==
==External Resources==

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Developed Resources

External Resources

Computational Resources


  1. Dictionary and several texts with English translations
    • A dictionary database in Toolbox format for a series of transcribed texts.
    • "freely available in digital form for further linguistic analysis."
  2. Talking dictionary
    • Online dictionary tool with 342 word entries and 336 corresponding audio files.
    • Copyright © 2016 Biak community
  3. Dictionary wordlist
    • Online dictionary for approximately 688 entries in 'Numfor' dialect.
  4. Biak lexicon, available in PDF
    • A photocopied dictionary.

Grammatical Descriptions

  1. Description of phonology/morphology/syntax of Biak
    • Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax resources on Biak.
  2. PhD dissertation written on Biak
    • A description of the Biak language.
  3. Grammar of Biak by Wilco van den Heivel, available in PDF form.
    • Grammatical description of Biak.

Scientific Works

  1. Grammatical borrowing in Biak
    • A description of grammatical borrowing in Biak.
  2. Number in Biak; Counterevidence to two alleged language universals
    • A survey of how number is indicated in the morphology and syntax of Biak.


  1. Biak prayers and songs
    • Text and audio versions of prayers and their English translations.
    • Content © 2010-12 The Language Documentation Group / Dr W. van den Heuvel
  2. Collection of texts, with English glosses
    • A collection of 64 excerpts of Biak, 24 of which include English translations. Includes XML format of texts which is suitable for computational purposes.
    • "freely available in digital form for further linguistic analysis."
  3. Website with Biak text
    • A webpage for Jehovah's Witnesses completely translated into Biak.
    • Copyright © 2021 Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

General Resouces

  1. OLAC page