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External Resources

Computational Resources


  1. Dictionary and several texts with English translations
    • A dictionary database in Toolbox format for a series of transcribed texts.
  2. Talking dictionary
    • Online dictionary tool with 342 word entries and 336 corresponding audio files.

Grammatical Descriptions

  1. Description of phonology/morphology/syntax of Biak
    • Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax resources on Biak.
  2. PhD dissertation written on Biak
    • A description of the Biak language.

Scientific Works

TODO: Describe these

  1. Grammatical borrowing in Biak [1]
  2. Number in Biak; Counterevidence to two alleged language universals [2]


  1. Biak prayers and songs
  2. Collection of texts, with English glosses [3]
  3. Website with Biak text

General Resouces

  1. OLAC page