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External Resources

Computational Resources


  1. Dictionary and several texts with English translations
    • A dictionary database in Toolbox format for a series of transcribed texts.
  2. Talking dictionary
    • Online dictionary tool with 342 word entries and 336 corresponding audio files.

Grammatical Descriptions

  1. Description of phonology/morphology/syntax of Biak
    • Phonology, Morphology, and Syntax resources on Biak.
  2. PhD dissertation written on Biak
    • A description of the Biak language.

Scientific Works

TODO: Describe these

  1. Grammatical borrowing in Biak [1]
  2. Number in Biak; Counterevidence to two alleged language universals [2]


  1. Biak prayers and songs
    • Text and audio versions of prayers and their English translations.
  2. Collection of texts, with English glosses
    • A collection of 64 excerpts of Biak, 24 of which include English translations. Includes XML format of texts which is suitable for computational purposes.
  3. Website with Biak text

General Resouces

  1. OLAC page