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Biak Keyboard Layout

File:/Users/tillieferguson/Desktop/Biak Keyboard.png


We designed this keyboard with the goal of making the design more ergonomic for Biak speakers. We tried to adhere to a few design principles, inspired by the Dvorak keyboard layout for English [1]. In particular:

  • More common letters should be on the home row, where they will be easier to reach.
  • Letters should be typed with alternating hands as much as possible. Like on the Dvorak keyboard, vowels are on the left side of the home row, while the most used consonants are on the right.
  • Since words commonly end with vowels, the most common punctuation marks (periods and commas) should be typed by the right hand.
  • Other punctuation, and Latin letters that are not commonly used in Biak are placed in the bottom row and off to the right side.