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Our github repository can be found here: Our Github


  • As of now, our Transducer passes 76/76 tests generated from our Wikipedia page.
  • Our initial transducer was capable of analyzing approximately 20% of our corpus file.
  • Additions following initial analysis
    • Added common conjunctions, allowing our transducer to cover 21.86%, then 22.6% of our original corpus.
    • Added common adverbs and the noun for village, which brought coverage to 23.1%
    • Added verb for "to say," which improved coverage to 23.9%
Common words
Form Meaning
ido<cnjsub> ↔ ido when
inja<cnjcoo> ↔ inja so
mnu<n> ↔ mnu village
wer<adv> ↔ wer again
kwar<adv> ↔ kwar already
kaku<adv> ↔ kaku very
obe<v><tv><p3><sg> ↔ dobe say
  • Our transducer has 69 stems.