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(article comes after the noun)
(Grammatical Differences)
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=== article comes after the noun ===
=== article comes after the noun ===
* {{transferTest|bhw|eng|ras anya|the sun}}  
* {{transferTest|bhw|eng|ras anya|the sun}}  
*: {{transferMorphTest|bhw|eng|ras{{tag|n}} i{{tag|prn}}{{tag|pers}}{{tag|p3}}{{tag|sg}}{{tag|spc}}|day{{tag|n}} the{{tag|det}}{{tag|def}}{{tag|sp}}}}
*: {{transferMorphTest|bhw|eng|ras{{tag|n}} i{{tag|prn}}{{tag|pers}}{{tag|p3}}{{tag|sg}}{{tag|spc}}|day{{tag|n}}{{tag|sg}} the{{tag|det}}{{tag|def}}{{tag|sp}}}}
=== verb tenses ===
=== verb tenses ===

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Grammatical Differences

article comes after the noun

  • (bhw) ras anya → (eng) the sun
    (bhw) ras<n> i<prn><pers><p3><sg><spc> → (eng) day<n><sg> the<det><def><sp>

verb tenses

indicating demonstrative from ending



subject is implicit


bhw-eng Tests