Biak and English/Lexical selection

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bhw → eng

  • farkor → study, teach
Biak Sentence English Translation
Sampe nkofur o rum nane ra nabro romawa nsya sfarkor. After we built the houses, then the children began to study.
Fawawi evesya annane insamaido nufawi na kofawi na kam fa ras suine mre do kofarkor o roma kovansiwa. We should have this training so that we know the program and in the future we can teach it to our students in Papua.
  • vark → lie, live
  • bon → fruit, mountain
  • marandan → live, trip
  • mkok → break open, destroy
  • nap → beat, cousin, be naughty
  • rir → hand over, release
  • s → be, possess