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  • Donald Frantz (1995) Blackfoot dictionary of stems, roots and affixes University of Toronto Press.
    • Dictionary that includes inflections, which is very useful, because Blackfoot is a polysynthetic language. Very comprehensive.
    • Licenses: Copyright University of Toronto Press, 1995
    • Availability: In Canaday Library at Bryn Mawr College. For in-library use only.
  • Renato B. Figueiredo (2014) Blackfoot-English-Blackfoot online dictionary
    • Description: A basic online dictionary. It does not seem especially thorough, as it has fewer than 600 entries. I am also not certain of the website's credibility.
    • License: Copyrights by Renato B. Figueiredo.
    • Availability: Available online.

Grammatical descriptions

  • Donald Frantz (2009) Blackfoot Grammar University of Toronto Press.
    • Description: A companion to Frantz's dictionary. Provides thorough description and analysis of grammatical features.
    • Licenses: Copyright University of Toronto Press, 2009
    • Availability: Requested through ILL

Scientific Works

  • Mizuki Miyashita (2011) Five Blackfoot Lullabies In Proceedings of the American Philosophical society
    • Description: This is an academic paper on the history, use, cultural significance, phonological features, and prosody of five Blackfoot lullabies. It includes line-by-line translation, with notes on individual words and grammatical features.
    • Licenses: Authored by Mizuki Miyashita. No license listed.
    • Availability: Available online.


  • Rev. John William Tims (1890) Blackfoot Translation of Matthew British and Foreign Bible Society.
    • Description: Bible translation. Because this source is so dated, it may not reflect the current state of the language.
    • Licenses: Translated by Rev. John William Tims. No license listed.
    • Availability: Available online
  • Five Blackfoot Lullabies
    • See Grammatical descriptions section