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Nouns in Blackfoot can be inflected for grammatical gender (animacy), number particularity, and XXXXX

Noun Inflections

Grammatical Gender

Blackfoot has two noun classes: animate and inanimate. Animate nouns, which refer to sentient beings such as people, animals, and spirits, take the suffixes «wa» when singular and «iksi» when plural.

Animate Nouns

Singular animate nouns whose stem ends in a vowel take the suffix «yi»

  • ᖱ'ᖽᐧᓭᖾ <n><sg> ↔ ᖱ'ᖽᐧᓭᖾᔪ
  • ᖹᒪᒐ <n><sg> ↔ ᖹᒪᒐᔪ
  • ᒉᒧᐧᖹ <n><sg> ↔ ᒉᒧᐧᖹᔪ

«yi» is realized as «i» after consonants.

  • ᑫᒣᘁ <n><sg> ↔ ᑫᒣᖽ
  • ᒍᐡ <n><sg> ↔ ᒍᖹ
  • ᓴᔭᑲᘁ <n><sg> ↔ ᓴᔭᑲᖽ


Blackfoot distinguishes between singular and plural nouns.

Animate Plurals

  • ᓴᔭᑲᖽᖱ'ᖽᐧᓭᖾ <n><pl> ᓴᔭᑲᖽᖱ'ᖽᐧᓭᖾᐟᔈᒧᐧ
  • ᖹᒪᒐ <n><pl> ᖹᒪᒐᐟᔈᒧᐧ