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These are Spring 2018 student submissions for the language selection assignment. These are due by the beginning of class on January 25, 2018.

username name language ISO 639-3 Area affiliation
dswanso1 & jspring1 Daniel Swanson & Jacob Springer Berik blk Papua Tor-Kwerba
lfornof1 & mparker3 Lillian Fornof & Matt Parker Extremaduran ext Spain ( Extremadura & Salamanca) Indo-European
cdalton2 & eschalk1 Courtney Dalton & Emily Schalk Neo-Aramaic aii Iraq, Syria, Iran, & others Semitic
arobey1 & zshi1 Alex Robey & Ryan Shi Standard_Tibetan bod China, Nepal Sino-Tibetan
huppili1 & lhillia1 Liel Hilliard & Harsha Uppili Waray war Philippines Proto-Austronesian