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These are Spring 2021 student submissions for the language selection assignment. These are due by the beginning of class on February 16, 2021.

username name language ISO 639-3 Area affiliation
student1 & student2 Student1 & Student2 Language xyz Country, Region Family, Northern
cayoh1 & erice1 Christine Ayoh & Enora Rice Tiwi tiw Australia, Bathurst and Melville Islands, Northern Territory  ?
tfeshba1 Talia Feshbach Ladino lad Israel, Turkey  ?
sjones5 & rvelasc1 Shane Jones and Cisco Vel Mískito Miq North Caribbean Coast Autonomous Region, neighbouring areas Misumalpan
username name language ISO 639-3 Area affiliation
rkamal1 Rezhwan Kamal Central Kurdish ckb Iraq, Kurdistan Region